Diploma in International Employee Benefits

About the Diploma (Dip. IEB)

The Diploma in International Employee Benefits provides a programme of education, study and examinations for all those involved with the complex area of international employee benefits. It has been developed in the UK in conjunction with the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) .
Further details can be found in this Diploma leaflet .

The syllabus includes a review of the employee benefits environment in nine countries where multinational companies typically operate. The course also addresses the major benefit design and financing issues that multinational corporations have to face in managing international employee benefits including:

  • international benefit strategy
  • financing arrangements
  • risk benefit management
  • accounting and actuarial matters
  • internationally mobile employees

Individuals from many backgrounds will find the Diploma meets their professional needs. These individuals may work for consultancies (including actuaries, lawyers, accountants and tax specialists) or insurance companies or in the pensions or remuneration and benefits departments of commercial companies. They may have international experience already or find that their careers are beginning to move in that direction.

In developing the Diploma, the aim has been to identify those aspects of benefit provision which such people are most likely to encounter in dealing with expatriates, internationally mobile employees and local employees. On a wider scale, it is hoped that the material will be of assistance in formulating corporate policy on employee benefits worldwide.

Award of the Diploma

To be awarded the Diploma, it will be necessary to pass the two three hour examinations. Those awarded the Diploma are entitled to use the designatory initials Dip. IEB.

Continuing Professional Development for PMI Members

Qualified Members of the PMI may record three hours of formal development on passing each paper of the Diploma.

Educational Opportunity Video

Study Material

Please click the Syllabus & Entry forms tab for application forms.

The following paragraphs give details of the aids to study and the forms of study available to you. You are advised to begin studying six months before the examinations.

Study Manual

The Pension Management Institute publishes a study manual for each examination Part. All the study material produced by PMI is in an online format. Students will need access to a computer and to the internet in order to obtain the study material. Full instructions will be provided. Students who have previously bought the study manual in the appropriate Part can obtain the material at a discount.

An additional reading list has also been compiled and is sent automatically to all candidates.

Study manuals may also be purchased by students who do not intend to sit the examinations.

Correspondence Course

The Pensions Management Institute provides correspondence courses, the cost of which is included in the price of the study material.  For the October module (Part 1) the correspondence course begins in May and finishes in September.

The correspondence course comprises a study manual, test booklet and tutorial facilities. It is not possible to purchase the correspondence course without the study manual.

In order to gain maximum benefit from the correspondence course a planned method of study should be followed with completed tests being submitted regularly.

Full details of the operation of the correspondence course are given in the notes which accompany it.

Candidates are strongly recommended to use the correspondence courses, receiving regular feedback from tutors is very valuable. The courses also provide a good way back into disciplined study and examination-sitting for those who may have been away from it for some years.

Mock examinations

Candidates who have previously undertaken a correspondence course but failed the examination may buy the mock examination.

Revision Sessions

A half day revision course will be held in London for Part Two in March and for Part One in September, and revision courses are also being held in Switzerland. Further details of forthcoming courses will be available nearer the time. Please also check Forthcoming Events for more details.

Visit the PMI web site  for further details.



The Aim of the Examinations

The aim of the examinations is to provide Diploma holders with the professional knowledge and understanding to resolve, in a practical way, international employee benefit scenarios. The qualification aims to equip holders with the knowledge to ask the right questions and to use the answers to develop international employee benefit strategy.

After sufficient experience, Diploma holders may also undertake a position as an international employee benefits specialist within a commercial, or non-profit making organisation, or a life assurance company, or the consultancy or advisory services.

The objectives of the Examinations

The examination will be set to test the ability of candidates to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the syllabus content and concepts;
  • Apply the principles learnt to solve problems;
  • Analyse facts and use them to make generalisations, predictions and recommendations;
  • Draw conclusions from information provided;
  • Communicate effectively in writing.

The Form of the Examinations

Study material is updated annually and reflects the legislative position current at that time. Knowledge of subsequent developments is not essential for examination purposes.


All examination entry forms will be acknowledged. If you have not received you acknowledgment a week before the examination entry closing date please contact the Institute Immediately. Your entry form may have been lost in the post and late entries cannot be accepted. Candidates are advised to check their acknowledgement carefully.

Examination Permits

An admission permit and instructions to candidates are sent two weeks before the examinations take place. If you have not received these documents a week before the examination date you should contact the Institute immediately because you will not be admitted to the examination centre without them.

Examination Timetable

Dates of the examinations are given here, and further information here from the Pensions Management Institute website.

Non-native English speakers should note that the study manual and other materials for the Diploma are in English. The examinations are also in English. Therefore, a high standard of English comprehension and composition is required.

It may be possible to make limited special arrangements for non-native English speakers sitting the examinations. Students in this category should contact David Preston at [email protected] or on +44 20 7392 7405.

Examination Centres

Examinations are currently available in the following locations. If possible please give second choice examination centre as some centres may not be able to accommodate all the candidates who apply. Wherever possible candidates will be allocated to their first choice centre. Candidates will be allocated to the second choice centre if the first choice centre is oversubscribed or has to be withdrawn.

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Croydon
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Norwich

It is also possible to take the examination outside the UK and Ireland. Please contact the Institute for further information. Special fees and earlier closing dates may apply at these centres.

Publication of Results

Results are despatched to candidates as soon as they are available which should be, mid July and towards the end of December.

The Institute reserves the right to publish examination results whether successes or failures. The institute will not communicate results to a candidate's employer.

The decision of the Examiners is in every case final and no request for reconsideration of the results can be granted.

A prize is awarded for the best script submitted in each Part.

Examiners' Reports

Examiners' Reports will be produced and a copy sent to all candidates.

Copies of past reports and examination papers are available from PMI House or can be downloaded from the Institute's website .


Exam Dates and Fees


Dates of the examinations are given here, and further information here from the Pensions Management Institute website.

Non-native English speakers should note that the study manual and other materials for the Diploma are in English. The examinations are also in English. Therefore, a high standard of English comprehension and composition is required.

It may be possible to make limited special arrangements for non-native English speakers sitting the examinations. Students in this category should contact David Preston at [email protected] or on +44 20 7392 7405.


2015 fees

The following fees apply for 2015 examinations:

Study material package £205 per module
Updated study material package £110 per module*
Examination Entry Fee £155 per module
Revision Course (2 day lecture) £300

There is a £30 supplementary fee for overseas examination entries.

*Only available to those who purchased a study material package in the previous year.

Note : HM Revenue and Customs have advised the Pensions Management Institute (the body that administers our examinations) that the supply of printed matter online is regarded as an electronically-supplied service and as such has to be charged as standard rate not zero rated or exempt. Therefore, VAT will be added at 20%. This does not apply to orders submitted from outside the UK by non-UK residents.


Please make all remittances payable to The Pensions Management Institute. All remittances from outside the UK should be in Pounds Sterling so that the Institute receives the full amount without deduction for bank charges on exchange and collection.

A receipt for examination fees is not an acknowledgement of entry.

Payments may also be made by BACS.


Syllabus & Entry Forms

Detailed information on the Diploma (DIEB) is available at the PMI website , and a summary can be printed from this leaflet .

Registration, Study and Examination Entry Form

You can register with the PMI, apply for study material and enter for the examinations using the forms on this page from the PMI website.


The syllabus summary can be downloaded here  .
Further information is available on this page on the PMI website.


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